Reel 415 A.S.M.I.


Apparatus with electro-welded steel bearing structure. Self-centring chuck mounted on high-capacity bearings. Mechanization of expansion chuck, with quality alloy steel supports.
The shaft turns on bearings and is connected by gearwheels to the motor/reduction gear unit. Winding is started by means of a feeler arm which controls motor power and stopping. Loop control by means of a sensitive microswitch or photoelectric cell. The power board of the bearing structure is easy to inspect and conforms to EC rules. They are made with the same characteristics as the individual reels as regards the expansion chuck. The large-scale structure for carrying the double load is mounted on a base pivoting on a central axle with roller bearings. The rotation of the structure can be automatic or manual by means of a pneumatic cylinder or gearmotor. Hydraulic opening and closing of the hydraulic chuck (diameter 360 min, max size 540). Transmission by gear rotation.

Capacity 1500 kg
Max sheet coil diameter 1600 mm
Max sheet coil width 420 mm
Overall reel dimensions 1600x1830x1660 mm