Meccaniche Lisciotto S.r.l. has received a gold medal for technical and social progress

Our history

The main products of Meccaniche Lisciotto S.r.l. today are automatic feeding systems for presses, forming and cutting lines, and the design and construction of plants on the customer's request. .

Meccaniche Lisciotto S.r.l. also offers various types of mechanical constructions, medium-heavy structural metalwork, machining, laser-cutting and bending for third parties.


  1. Coiler-Decoiler -idle - double (of any size)
  2. Vertical reels for special materials
  3. Horizontal reel
  4. Reels for drawing mill
  5. Motorized-feeding straighteners
  6. Straightening feeders with opening head
  7. Pneumatic-electronic and mechanical feeders
  8. Coil tilters (of any size)
  9. Tilters for containers
  10. Drum tilters
  11. Drum tilting carriage
  12. Self-tilting containers for scrap (heavy and light series)
  13. Cradles for loading-unloading coils
  14. Cutting lines for sheets or strips
  15. Hinge lines for shutters with automatic die change, drilling and notching.c
  16. Cut lines for sheet metal works
  17. Roll forming machines
  18. Rotary shears
  19. Scrap cutter shears
  20. Broaching machines
  21. Stackers
  22. Slitter
  23. Conveyor belts
  24. Presses, straightening material and for steel structural works-carpentry

Second hand machines available in stock unless sold