Reel 310 A.S.M.I.


Equipment with electro-welded steel bearing structure. Self-centring chuck mounted on high-capacity bearings. Power-driven chuck expansion and high quality cast iron and alloyed steel supports. The opening of the chuck to lock the coil is obtained manually by means of cranks. Automatic opening on request. The shaft rotates on bearings, it is connected to the oil bath motor reduction gear unit and has a clutch with an easy to adjust torque limiter. Loop control by means of a sensitive micro-switch or photoelectric cell. On request, we can provide accident prevention protections on all the moving parts.

Carrying capacity 1 tonne
Maximum coil diameter 1.600 mm
Minimum-maximum chuck diameter 360 ÷ 530 mm
Overall dimensions 1000 x 1600 x 1800 mm.